Aug.14.05 - Murals don't have to be lame
Aug.10.05 - Another installment in the saga of E.
Aug.09.05 - Fuck this.
Aug.07.05 - sad and late-night
Aug.03.03 - E.
Jul.26.05 - we're worried about him
July.02.05 - houseguests and fish...not necessarily true
Jun.17.05 - silly rant
June.09.05 - Remuddling through
May.16.05 - driving by, by way of apology
March.29.05 - Happy happy joy joy
March.28.05 - It's Spring
March.26.05 - toddlers, life, and death in real- and faketime
March.24.05 - I found an angel
March.11.05 - My short theater history.
Feb.14.05 - Surprise!!!!!
Feb.08.05 - Hooray for good shoes
Feb.07.05 - Hey, guess what!
Feb.04.05 - Falling apart, it feels like
Jan.21.05 - Cleaning the outside makes the inside feel clean too. Sort of.
Jan.16.05 - Nope, I'm not.
Jan.14.05 - still waiting
Jan.11.05 - When will I know??
Jan.03.05 - The new year brings new things and old.
Dec.31.04 - G'bye, g'bye, g'bye, 2004.
Dec.27.04 - xmas update
Nov.29.04 - This might be goodbye.
Nov.03.04 - Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.
Oct.17.04 - Feeling moldy.
Oct.11.04 - Happy birthday to my boy.
Oct.11.04 - Morose PMS-induced entry.
Sep.14.04 - Crushing on Jewish cuties
Sep.08.04 - methinks I should let them in next time.
Sep.06.04 - KC in the summer is what it is.
Sep.03.04 - It made me happier than it should
Aug.16.04 - bad haircuts and crossed fingers
July.27.04 - My big trip!
July.12.04 - I am excited about my trip and I loved "Kill Bill."
July.06.04 - a cold and a potty sign
July.01.04 - golden days before they end
Jun.29.04 - What's that heavy feeling? Oh, yeah.
May.29.04 - Some bits of life of late.
May.23.04 - This song makes me feel like I have a camera on me.
May.11.04 - I am a sucky friend sometimes.
Apr.23.04 - My future calling...?
Apr.22.04 - An inventory, of sorts.
Apr.13.04 - LA's a long story.
Apr.06.04 - Alllll about food.
Apr.05.04 - an odd little coincidence
March.31.04 - An open letter to my fellow Chicago parents
March.30.04 - Sun peeking through the clouds
March.14.04 - He's clearly advanced.
March.05.04 - Two days, two and a half guests, busy.
Feb.27.04 - tendonitis keeps even my good news short.
Feb.25.04 - Eh, what's new under the...sun...?
Feb.19.04 - It's my birthday.
Feb.01.04 - List of 100 things
Jan.31.04 - The good outweighs the bad.
Jan.29.04 - Silly Aliases or however you spell that
Jan.27.04 - Yay! Baby Snarkymarky!
Jan.24.04 - Oooh, it's so exciting!!
Jan.13.04 - worried
Jan.11.04 - My brain gets all smart without me.
Jan.03.04 - Hmm...2004, is it?
Dec.30.03 - Blankets and fevers
Dec.17.03 - The angel and the...angel...?...on my shoulder...
Dec.16.03 - Don't fuck with me, I'm having a bad day.
Dec.12.03 - I met her.
Dec.08.03 - Pre-holiday no-man's land
Dec.02.03 - i heart tv.
Dec.02.03 - bad, bad, geeky me
Nov.30.03 - Taking the rough with the smooch.
Nov.11.03 - A month since E. birthday
Oct.03.03 - A quick one.
Sep.29.03 - I'm getting TiVo! Oh, and it's our anniversary too.
Sep.23.03 - Allll over the place.
Sep.12.03 - Johnny Cash.
Aug.22.03 - My baby is walking!
Aug.06.03 - Regret is for suckers.
Jul.25.03 - Some things happened.
Jun.30.03 - Sometimes being a mom is super-cool.
Jun.27.03 - explanation of my curmudgeonliness (is that a word?)
Jun.26.03 - I don't like Harry Potter.
Jun.24.03 - He's the bees knees.
Jun.16.03 - Everyone must eat sand for Fathers' Day
Jun.12.03 - My new layout ROCKS!
Jun.06.03 - My little squirmer
Jun.03.03 - Is this morbid?
May.05.03 - Mama goes back to KC
Apr.19.03 - Solid food and other scary things
April.14.03 - Oh my goiter.
March.25.03 - I have a lump.
March.13.03 - Goodbye, childhood.
March.12.03 - things might be looking up.
Feb.20.03 - Don't forget how lucky you are.
Feb.10.03 - Bwhahaha!
Jan.31.03 - blahwinterblah
Jan.24.03 - giggle giggle tickle tickle little sack o' sugar i could eat you up
Jan.13.03 - No email for me.
Jan.10.03 - He'll be three months, I'll be fine soon.
Dec.23.02 - I need sleep.
Nov.16.02 - Baby is nursing as i type this with one hand
Oct.27.02 - New motherhood
Oct.17.02 - My son.
Oct.09.02 - Getting
Oct.06.02 - Today is October 6th.
Oct.01.02 - false alarm #1 (will there be more?)
Sep.30.02 - 39 weeks, 20% effaced, -1 station
Sep.23.02 - Creeping closer...
Sept.13.02 - I've hit nine, now what?
Aug.28.02 - My neighborhood at night
Aug.26.02 - My letter to C.
Aug.21.02 - Can I just say...
Aug.19.02 - Eight months and one week. busybusybusy.
Aug.08.02 - Checkin' in just because
Jul.24.02 - Whirlwind luck
Jul.12.02 - The day's a-wastin'
Jul.07.02 - I am now entering my third trimester.
Jul.03.02 - The day before the 4th
Jun.21.02 - she's one cold yoga lady
Jun.19.02 - the doula, the shower, and of course, Richard Dawson
Jun.10.02 - I'll be back soon.
Jun.03.02 - Tryin' to catch up!
May.30.02 - Diaryland, why are you torturing me???
May.30.02 - fuckin' fuck.
May.27.02 - bunch of junk
May.23.02 - sometimes people are just that good.
May.20.02 - New York in as much of a nutshell as possible.
May.14.02 - The story of THE BIG ULTRASOUND.
May.12.02 - THE BIG ULTRASOUND (gulp.)
May.09.02 - Neat!
May.06.02 - good clumsy weekend
May.02.02 - Getting over a cold and thanking our lucky stars
May.01.02 - Mostly good things *koff*
Apr.26.02 - I have no complaints.
Apr.25.02 - Let's just be honest here.
Apr.24.02 - Freaking out over eBay
Apr.22.02 - I'm four months pregnant now, can you believe it?
Apr.17.02 - A Californian in a Midwesterner's body
Apr.15.02 - I did some shopping and then I rant about fast food.
Apr.12.02 - At least it's Friday...
Apr.10.02 - This is the long story of my visit to the temp agency.
Apr.09.02 - I'm on a date with Johnny Cash!
Apr.08.02 - I need to feel "normal."
Apr.05.02 - Easter at Roseanne and Bill's
Apr.04.02 - Loving the quiet.
Apr.03.02 - Second trimester starts now.
Apr.02.02 - People. Go figure.
Apr.01.02 - A too-long entry about a bunch of stuff that happened.
March.27.02 - religious?
March.26.02 - diary ring rant
March.25.02 - Trip #2 to Ann Arbor.
March.21.02 - Bam. Insight.
March.20.02 - The unstoppable belly + I hate winter
March.19.02 - the zombie-me
March.16.02 - Blah. Living in my head.
March.14.02 - preggo paranoia fun
March.13.02 - Reason to love the web
March.12.02 - snore, snore, talktalktalk
March.11.02 - A whole lotta words saying nothing much (about my weekend).
March.06.02 - paranoid mama
March.05.02 - I did a naughty thing.
March.04.02 - This is for B.T., my first love.
March.03.02 - nine down, more than thirty to go
March.02.02 - Talk to the belly, alright?
Feb.28.02 - the high-endurance baby challenge
Feb.25.02 - The cat is driving me insane.
Feb.24.02 - Happy and sad things
Feb.22.02 - The Rebel Geek
Feb.21.02 - dreams and unwanted party guests
Feb.20.02 - the day after
Feb.18.02 - the day before
Feb.16.02 - I wanna tell.
Feb.15.02 - Everything's okay.
Feb.14.02 - It's a good heart day.
Feb.07.02 - What I really want is I want to slack.
Feb.04.02 - sick of my job
Feb.03.02 - First tests of motherhood
Jan.30.02 - I'm pregnant!
Jan.28.02 - lady, girl, woman, rev., walk in the park
Jan.25.02 - feeling my PMS and hating it
Jan.22.02 - satellite TV of love
Jan.21.02 - relationship
Jan.18.02 - Okay, I have succumbed to The Strokes. So there.
Jan.17.02 - Suck-er!
Jan.15.02 - The peanut makes my heart sing
Jan.14.02 - Reasons to celebrate
Jan.13.02 - They're having a baby
Jan.10.02 - Ugh.
Jan.09.02 - ceiling faw down.
Jan.08.02 - a little catch-up
Jan.06.02 - Requiem for a weekend...?
Jan.03.02 - Margaret Cho would never put up with 56K.
Dec.31.01 - It's a new year and you don't look your age.
Dec.29.01 - A & B's wedding day
Dec.28.01 - Lazy morning
Dec.26.01 - Christmas
Dec.24.01 - Google rox Xmas Eve.
Dec.23.01 - a list of nice things that are happening now
Dec.22.01 - a catching up and holiday wishes
Dec.19.01 - The first real snow of the year
Dec.17.01 - High so high on paint fumes
Dec.16.01 - We move in 3 1/2 days.
Dec.14.01 - Grandma.
Dec.14.01 - The last Friday and not much else.
Dec.13.01 - disjointed silliness
Dec.11.01 - I feel so ungratefully cranky
Dec.10.01 - obstacles.
Dec.08.01 - (Don't) Suck my left one.
Dec.07.01 - a bunch of random thoughts
Dec.06.01 - Charlie Brown Christmas
Dec.05.01 - It's been a damn good day.
Dec.04.01 - Things I'm currently happy about.
Dec.04.01 - Picasso 'n' me
Dec.03.01 - Oh sooo much to talk about
Nov.30.01 - cereal sadness and work observations
Nov.30.01 - Goodbye, my favorite
Nov.29.01 - tribute to kundalinimama
Nov.29.01 - hooky
Nov.27.01 - December!
Nov.26.01 - memento review
Nov.25.01 - Holiday ketchup
Nov.20.01 - My Mom made me cry in a mall once.
Nov.19.01 - shower, apartment, vertigo, etc.
--------- - I am rickets today
Nov.17.01 - At home she feels like a tourist
Nov.16.01 - a little too happy about the weekend
Nov.15.01 - desolation balanced with uplift.
Nov.14.01 - Are you okay with your pants?
Nov.13.01 - Garbage consumption at all-time high.
Nov.12.01 - do we need another day?
Nov.11.01 - all het up
Nov.09.01 - squeak, scratch, square
Nov.08.01 - cut and run
Oct.08.01 - short
Nov.06.01 - with house and hoarse
Nov.04.01 - house house house house house house
Nov.03.01 - Setting: Weekend. Verdict: Okay.
Nov.02.01 - I got a headache.
Oct.31.01 - HAlloween, not HOLLOWeen!
Oct.30.01 - Burly.
Oct.29.01 - average
Oct.28.01 - Looking at houses and RIP Sonicnet radio
Oct.26.01 - My dream about Sh.
Oct.25.01 - Dr. Squarepants says: "Spleen good. Spleen friend."
Oct.24.01 - Oh crap.
Oct.22.01 - What's up and what's been up
Oct.19.01 - Biz Markie deserves mad props, yo.
Oct.18.01 - a short list of things to do
Oct.17.01 - two things that suck: the war and my back
Oct.16.01 - The Story of Us, Part I
Oct.15.01 - new obsessions
Oct.14.01 - weekend sort of thing
Oct.11.01 - Mr.Rushmore, cat search, and bothersome sleep.
Oct.10.01 - Oh, I don't know.
Oct.09.01 - Linky
Oct.08.01 - How soon is now?
Oct.06.01 - F. 'n' job
Oct.06.01 - We all do what we can.
Oct.05.01 - giving peeps props
Oct.03.01 - Our perfect anniversary trip.
Oct.02.01 - checking in post-trip
Sep.28.01 - Anniversary
Sep.27.01 - Pardon my dust
Sep.26.01 - Mmmm. Mames.
Sep.24.01 - I love my husband, okay?
Sep.23.01 - sigh.
Sep.22.01 - ah, Indiana
Sep.21.01 - Free speech in the U.S.A.
Sep.20.01 - I've got glasses now. The world can continue spinning, thank you.
Sep.19.01 - still waiting for glasses
Sep.18.01 - looking up slightly
Sep.17.01 - letters
Sep.15.01 - Feeling better
Sep.14.01 - so sad
Sep.11.01 - History in the making.
Sep.10.01 - Laundry man
Sep.09.01 - THE show
Sep.08.01 - little stuff
Sep.06.01 - corny jokes rule.
Sep.05.01 - goodbadBADgood
Sep.04.01 - I don't know who to blame for car alarms.
Sep.03.01 - A pause
Aug.31.01 - Sleep, Summer, Fog.
Aug.30.01 - Roller skating without eyeglasses
Aug.29.01 - I'm back!
Aug.29.01 - Update schmupdate.
Aug.27.01 - clothes and some other stuff
Aug.26.01 - bluh.
Aug.24.01 - Postal pants
Aug.23.01 - baby knots
Aug.21.01 - Love, squarepants
Aug.20.01 - Tumult. And some links.
Aug.19.01 - Nott-much-ness
Aug.18.01 - sadly, more sad
Aug.17.01 - Wrapping it all up.
Aug.16.01 - You are a jerk.
Aug.14.01 - Coincidence??
Aug.13.01 - comps are fun
Aug.12.01 - a doughnut rant and a weekend wrap-up
Aug.10.01 - The very sad but true story of four friends who should never have lived together.
Aug.09.01 - record rant
Aug.08.01 - hot job
Aug.07.01 - Drive, drive, and drive some more.
Aug.05.01 - Uhhhhhhhh.
Aug.03.01 - Your life to live
Jul.31.01 - Oy veyashmear
Jul.30.01 - A day when nine things happened.
Jul.29.01 - Job hunt madness
Jul.28.01 - Yucky.
Jul.27.01 - Middle-aged angel with a beer belly and a heavy native-Chicago accent.
Jul.26.01 - Gobbler link
Jul.25.01 - Busy-ness
Jul.24.01 - Boat.
Jul.23.01 - I'm a star.
Jul.22.01 - A tape made by some guy I used to like.
Jul.22.01 - Cat pee as punishment
Jul.20.01 - love amongst friends and health for me
Jul.19.01 - crossing my fingers
Jul.17.01 - The REal World? Where?
Jul.17.01 - Shameless and shallow here
Jul.16.01 - good out of bad
Jul.16.01 - Oh, family.
Jul.15.01 - weekend in review + critic's corner
Jul.13.01 - karaoke in your vitamins
Jul.12.01 - Go on, it's your last day
Jul.10.01 - electric google-oo
Jul.09.01 - Hot hell day
Jul.08.01 - I'm back!
Jul.03.01 - I like the cut of your jib.
Jul.02.01 - randum. um. um.
Jul.01.01 - I'm not like everybody else
Jun.29.01 - I know you've come to take my toys away
Jun.28.01 - can't help lovin that man
Jun.26.01 - Take this job & shove it.
Jun.25.01 - what else?
Jun.24.01 - If I were a miner...I'd be a damn good one.
Jun.22.01 - mmm. saucy.
Jun.21.01 - life
Jun.20.01 - I am a pack rat.
Jun.19.01 - Dunno.
Jun.18.01 - death of a friend
Jun.12.01 - homepants
Jun.10.01 - sun sun sun in the fun fun fun
Jun.09.01 - Sedaris, Sedaris, Sedaris
Jun.08.01 - freedom
Jun.05.01 - Will somebody please give this girl a haircut?
Jun.04.01 - seasonal affective disorder strikes
Jun.03.01 - jaded old gal
June.01.01 - lazy suszan
May.30.01 - more critic's corner
May.29.01 - Daddy's girl
May.28.01 - movieeees!
May.27.01 - whirlwind of change
May.24.01 - glub blub glub blub
May.21.01 - married
May.20.01 - bittersweet springtime
May.16.01 - All I need is Heather Locklear
May.13.01 - the real thing
May.10.01 - Poke that bunny
May.09.01 - notmuch
May.08.01 - I heart the rock.
May.07.01 - baby
May.06.01 - linkety link-link
May.5.01 - I hope you rot!
May.02.01 - G is for gentrification
Apr.30.01 - ghosties a-hauntin'
Apr.29.01 - I've been discovered
Apr.26.01 - Hey, white bitch!
Apr.25.01 - That's all.
Apr.24.01 - What happened to that girl?
Apr.23.01 - nuthin'
Apr.21.01 - no need for the pith helmet...
Apr.20.01 - Hey Baby.
Apr.16.01 - happenings
Apr.14.01 - "You fuckin' die!"
Apr.11.01 - I.Rocked.It.
Apr.10.01 - mysteries
Apr.07.01 - uncle memories
Apr.04.01 - Work 'n' Spring
Apr.03.01 - mmmm?
Apr.02.01 - My Pal Foot Foot
Apr.01.01 - a short rant about rock 'n' roll.
Apr.01.01 - just catching up
March.29.01 - critic's corner
March.28.01 - Parrot-Heads.
March.24.01 - I really, really like cake.
March.23.01 - :(
- Don't read this. Really. Don't.
March.22.01 - job shmob.
March.22.01 - *yawn*
March.21.01 - work world
March.20.01 - Mish
March.18.01 - A rip-roarin' good time was had by all
March.17.01 - Gold is goood.
March.13.01 - just playing around
March.15.01 - kissin'
March.10.01 - CRANKY.
March.08.01 - job and death
March.07.01 - old lady on a soapbox
March.06.01 - vacations on credit, a.k.a. leaning on your significant other...this is a long one!
Feb.22.01 - snow
Feb.22.01 - - - -
Feb.19.01 - I like cake.
Feb.18.01 - Nicey nice nice
Feb.13.01 - corporate love, and the joys of counting the cracks in the ceiling
Feb.11.01 - guh
Feb.09.01 - Please hand me more crap.
Feb.07.01 - Entropy? No!
Jan.31.01 - gushy
Jan 30.01 - viva anger
Jan.29.01 - more winter thoughts
January 26th. 01 - #1